Superfood Ingredients NZ’s vision is to bring good nutrition from natural sources from around the world to New Zealand’s cafés and restaurants, as well as to New Zealand’s health food sector and food, beverage & nutraceutical industries. We aim to provide our customers with naturally nutritious superfood ingredients in a variety of derivative formats, tailored where possible to our customer’s requirements, enabling them to produce innovative, nourishing and wholesome foods that will encourage Kiwis to opt for better and more nutritious diet and life-style choices.

Superfood Ingredients offers a powerhouse of natural ingredients

We have compiled a carefully selected range of superfood ingredients, individually chosen with a focus on the key criteria of good nutrition, good functionality, sustainable sourcing and for being supportive of local communities. The result is an exciting range of superfoods, treasured for their nutritious properties, their exotic nature, their integrity as a product as well as for the benefits they provide to the people from the areas in which they are sourced.


Rediscovering nature’s bounty, Superfood Ingredients specializes in the wholesale supply of nutritious, natural and sustainably harvested superfoods from around the world.