It is no surprise that Cacao products have met with such wide reaching success. Given the plethora of studies analysing the health benefits provided by the flavanoids contained naturally within the cacao bean, combined with its rich and full flavour, this is really an ingredient for healthy indulgence at its best. Our Organic Raw Cacao Nibs, made using the prized Criollo cacao bean from Peru, provide a great flavoured natural snack with all of the health benefits of the cacao bean.

Our Organic Raw Cacao Nibs is ideal for use in baking,  muesli, snacks, desserts and as a topping for ice-creams. Organic, Gluten-Free and RAW. Also ideal for inclusion in a Paleo menu.

Organic Raw CACAO Nibs:

Delivered in handy 1kg resealable stand-up pouches.

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The cacao bean contains a rich source of antioxidising phytochemicals such as epicatechins and procyanidins, known to provide a range of health benefits

ORGANIC RAW CACAO NIBS criollo cacao bean