The skins of red grape have been found to have protective effects against heart disease that can largely be attributed to the polyphenols, and particularly resveratrol, contained in the skins of red grapes. When undergoing yeast fermentation, the levels of resveratrol naturally increase.

Our Organic Fermented Grape Skin Powder is ideal for use in high-antioxidant smoothies, desserts, snacks and sorbets as well as savory applications. Organic, Gluten-Free and RAW. Also ideal for inclusion in a Paleo menu.

Organic Fermented Red GRAPE SKIN Powder:

Delivered in handy 1kg resealable stand-up pouches.

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Superfood Ingredients’ Fermented Grape Skin Powder is made from organic red wine grapes, and provides in powder format a rich source of the polyphenols found naturally in grape skins that give rise to the health benefits noted in the French Paradox.