Superfood Ingredients NZ specialises in B2B wholesale supply of nutritious, natural and sustainably harvested superfood ingredients. It provisions the Food Service sector and the Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical and Health Food industry in New Zealand with bulk supply of a wide range of superfood ingredients, carefully selected for their nutrition, functionality and for offering new flavour profiles and taste experiences for the increasingly health-conscious and adventurous New Zealand consumer.

Specially prepared for the catering industry and Food Service sector, Superfood Ingredients NZ supplies New Zealand Restaurants and Cafés a range of Superfoods conveniently packaged in 1kg stand-up resealable pouches, ready for use in a range of healthy superfood recipes including smoothies, desserts, bakery and healthy breakfasts.

Superfood Ingredients supplies a range of ingredient to food, beverage & nutraceutical manufacturers in New Zealand, as powders, extracts, syrups, frozen purees or juice concentrates. Please ask if you have applications requiring nutrient-dense, organic, low-GI, gluten-free or functional ingredients and would like some ideas!


Superfood Ingredients’ Amazon Support initiative is designed to give back to the marginalised communities from which its Amazonian products are sourced. It does this by way of donating a % of the cost of the products sourced from the Amazon and applying the funds to the projects that it supports in this region. This means that any customers buying Amazonian superfoods through SFI are automatically contributing to this cause.